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Future Trend Research

The Future Trend Research was founded on September 1996.

The objective of the founders is to offer a service of technical analysis and operational support to users who operate professionally in the financial markets.

Future Trend Research publishes a daily independent report of technical analysis.

Most of our clients are institutions, banks and corporations in over 20 countries.

Manager of Future Trend Research

The chief analyst at Future Trend Research is Beat Ammann.

In the early '80s he began trading at BSI in Lugano, Switzerland. After 9 years at BSI and 1 year at Gottardo Lugano he moved to the Enimont group where he oversaw and managed fx & commodities risk. In 1993, he moved to UBS Zurich to be part of a proprietary trading team at their headquarter in Zurich/ Manesse.

During a stage in Frankfurt in 1983 he was introduced to technical analysis. In 1985, while working in New York at Irving Trust, he studied technical analysis attending a course at the New York Institute of Finance. After meeting Cardwell, he specialized in studying the Relative Strength Index, the leading indicator used for the analysis at Future Trend Research.

He is a member of Forex Suisse and of SAMT (Swiss Association of Market Technicians). He is affiliated with the MTA of New York.

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