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Future Trend Research provides daily independent and in-depth technical analysis of some of the quoted financial instruments, such as:

  • Currency
  • Futures Stock Index
  • Futures Bonds
  • Futures Commodities (Oro, Argento, Petrolio)
  • Stock selection (DE, CH, I, USA)

In addition to technical analysis, the customer can receive live updates during the course of the day via e-mail or SMS, as the changes occur in the market.

Similarly, the client is offered the chance to make direct contact with analysts throughout the course of the day to get a real-time update of the market and for an exchange of views.

Future Trend Research analyzes not only instruments of the various exchanges or markets, but also offers in-depth analysis of a portfolio. The investor will have an independent opinion on the investment he undertook to increase its yield. Future Trend Research aims in particular to the Fund Manager and Asset Manager to support in choosing the timing of an investment.

Future Trend Research also offers currency exchange risk management, improving investment performance.

Now it's up to you to test our efficiency. Contact us immediately so we can provide a service tailored for you depending on your operational needs.

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